Thursday, August 18, 2011

NEW! Generation II Cyclone Dust Collector!

Doyle Systems is excited to introduce the new Generation II Cyclone Dust Collector. This updated design benefits our customer with simplified maintenance and increased efficiency. The highlights of this design feature the following:

o This filter has 158 sq feet of filter media. Over 15 times more filtration over the panel type filters. This translates to less maintenance time spent for our customer.
o Longer lasting filter design. The cartridge filter has up to 9 times more life over the panel filters resulting in an overall cost savings to our customer. This translates to better quality of the filter over the paper panel filters.
o Filtration of particles down to 5 microns.
o Metal construction in the building of the filters and integrated rubber seals ensures better containment over the life of the filter.

o With the filter purging wand, customers can purge the filters with “reverse air flow” technology while the cleaning system is in operation. With the ability to purge the filter during press operations, our customer can expect a better end product.
o When removing the filter, the operator can purge the filter before removing it from the dust can. This will ensure that the contaminants remain the dust collector and not in the plant atmosphere.

o Smaller over all designed body enables better filter access while producing a much larger area of filtration.
o Open interior design allows for easier cleaning and maintaining of the cyclone body.

o Only on the GENERATION II dust collector do we have a port for a pressure gauge. The optional gauge gives our customer a reading of the pressure inside of the dust can. When there is a build up of pressure, our customer will know when to purge or replace the filter.
o We offer a dial gauge for point of access viewing or an electronic gauge that will send the differential reading to a remote location.

o The collection drum for the 5 hp collector has been upgraded to the size of our 7.5 / 10 hp collector. Our customers benefit from the larger capacity.
o Optional collector stands are available for all cyclone dust collectors providing our customers with collection drum capabilities up to 55 gallon drums.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Visit Doyle Systems at GraphExpo 2011

Please visit Doyle Systems at this year's GraphExpo in Chicago and see what is new in sheet and web cleaning technology! We can be found at Booth 110.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ICE Show Discounts

If you are attending the show in Orlando 6-8 April 2011, please be sure to stop by our booth (#101) and register for the special show discount program!